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Photo 5 of 6Superb Article I Section 8 Clause 18 #6 USPTO On Twitter: \

Superb Article I Section 8 Clause 18 #6 USPTO On Twitter: \

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 Article I Section 8 Clause 18 #1 3. Elastic Clause <ul><li>Article 1 Section 8 Clause 18 . Article I Section 8 Clause 18 #2 Article 1 Section 8 Clause 18 Of The Constitution Section 1 .CLAUSE 17 ( Article I Section 8 Clause 18 #3)Article 1 Section 8: Expressed Powers Or Enumerated Powers: Powers  Specifically Given (delightful Article I Section 8 Clause 18 Great Ideas #4)Superb Article I Section 8 Clause 18 #6 USPTO On Twitter: \Article I Section 8 Clause 18  #7 6 Implied Powers Necessary And Proper Clause (Article I, Section 8 .

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